Help with calories an weight loss?

I'm a 14 year old girl and around 5'4 and weight about 123 pounds I want to know how many calories I should be consuming a day And how many if I'm trying to lose weight An I'm going to start going for walks so how long a day should I walk for? Does green tea real help weight loss? Sorry for all the questions

How to Run to Lose Weight

Recommended Answer:

First things first, 123 lbs is a perfectly normal weight for someone of your height. You're barely ten pounds over the cutoff for being underweight. Are you just squishier than you would like to be in places?If your high school has a weightlifting class, you should take it next semester. Lifting weights will help you build muscle and tone up those squishy parts. You won't get big and bulky, no worries about that--it is literally impossible for you to turn into the Hulk unless you start taking testosterone supplements and bucketfuls of steroids.For someone of your height, if you walk at a brisk pace for 20-30 minutes 7 days a week, ~2000 Calories per day will maintain your weight. You really don't need to, but if you want to lose weight, ~1700 Calories per day puts you at a deficit that should see you losing about a half-pound per week, which is reasonable considering you don't really have much to lose.Green tea "helps" in that it contains caffeine, which has an appetite-suppressant effect (as do all stimulants). It has negligible calories, though, so if you like green tea, feel free to drink as much of it as you want. Adding a sweetener or milk will add calories, though. I personally like hot green tea, but some people find it unpleasantly bitter.


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