What should I do to get her to eat more?

Hi I am a mother of a 1 year old. Im having trouble getting her to eat more than what she is eating now. We went to her doctor appt yesterday and she is 5 lbs underweight she is way below the growth chart and the doctor is very concerned about her weight me and her grandparents try to get her to eat more but my kid is just a picky eater every time i try to feed her or give her something to drink she turns away. I need help on what to do all that not gaining weight is bad it seems all she will take is breastmilk. The doctor referred her to a gestational doctor. It is so annoying my daughter does not want food what should I do??

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Recommended Answer:

Presumably you mean a gastroenterologist. (A doctor who specializes in digestive issues.) A gestational doctor would be a doctor who specializes in the months of pregnancy....But lets back up a minute. What do you mean by 'underweight' and 'way below the growth chart.' Do you mean that she's 5 pounds below the bottom of the charts? (Which would be around 12 pounds for a 12 month old.) Or 5 pounds below the 50th percentile? (Which would be about 17 pounds -- around the 3rd percentile.) Healthy babies do come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so if she's at the 3rd percentile, and is otherwise healthy and happy (especially if her parents are small), that's likely the size she is meant to be. And while most babies are eating a reasonable assortment of solids at 12 months, a few are still mostly or totally on breastmilk, and it usually isn't a problem. Or, it's possible that there are some developmental delays or feeding issues (which is not the same as being 'picky.')Do see the gastroenterologist, and talk to him about a referral to a feeding therapist if it seems appropriate. But in the meantime, keep breastfeeding often, and remind yourself that children don't starve themselves.EDIT: I should add that if she IS only 12 pounds, that is definitely cause for concern.)


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