I am eating a lot but still losing weight?

I just started maintaining from my weight loss, now at 5'8" and 123 pounds and 15% body fat i am still losing a pound a week or so. I run every day, i lift every other day and i eat about 1400-2000 calories each day, most made of meat and veggies. Do i have to eat more now if i am still losing weight?Now i KNOW i am not diabetic, i had my fasting blood sugar and metabolism done last summer.

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Recommended Answer:

Yes you need to eat more, when you are working out your metabolism is at it's highest, you should add in a protein shake or eat more meat. Also if your a guy you really need to be looking at 2500 to 3000 and if your a girl 2500 would be more suitable for the athletic place you are at.

Other Answers:

  • you have diabetes


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