How to get from very skinny to normal body?

I want to cover my ribs and get more muscles AND no I dont have anorexia... I eat a lot, I can eat anything I want to and how much I want to and I still dont gain almost any weight...What I do?I basicly am at computer (no not nerd) :pwaiting mostly all day my taiwanese gf.I walk 2km to bus and from bus to school 1km there and back to here.I eat else good, but never eating at school (I hate to wait long time getting food and to eat at so crowded places)... So how can I get my ribs covered and some muscles (like normally mens has) with out too much work?

How to Lose Weight in the Face in a Week

Recommended Answer:

you need to lift weightseat more caloriesget strongerand work hardtake whey protien an glutamineu have to lift weights 4-5 days a week 40-60 mins


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