How do I loose weight ?

I need a plan that works for me. To start i'm vegan and since I have turned vegan i have actually gained weight! I dont really work out but i can defenetly start. I weigh 180lb im 16 and im 5'7. I want to loose 40-50 lb by the end of the year. how much exercise do i need to do every day ? What kinds of meals should I be eating ? what do i need to do ? i dont understand why i have been gaining weight ! i eat nothing but fruit's and vegetables and tofu ! Its really frustrating ! help !

How to Lose Weight with Thyroid Problems

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I don't see how you can gain weight off a vegan diet. if you are a vegan you are detoxing your body because everything is plant food and natural. Try eating bananas, berries, watermelon. Etc. Exercise regularly. You should be fine. I've never heard about a vegan that gained weight. And if it was weight it sure shouldn't be "fat weight".

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  • live from this list of foodssalmonchickenbrown riceoatmealrye breadnutseggswhey proteinvegetablesberriesan workout high rep weight training an cardio
  • You need to come up with two exercises that will definetely work. Maybe combine swimming with jogging?Go for a jog in the morning for two kilometres. (three times a week)And swim at the beach or a pool in the afternoon. (twice a week)If that doesn't work, nothing will. Just do it!
  • Dear Friend. I understand that you feel yourself over-weight. Yes. You are. The remedy lies in exercise and Jogging. Do jogging for one hour at rapid speed, you will loose weight. The food which you are to take daily depends upon your daily routine. If you go for walk at swift speed for one hr. daily early morning, you need to take two slices of bread, with margaine, (Not Butter), one egg (boiled) not fried. and much water. When I say much water, i mean you take one glass of fresh water after every hour. In such a way you will take 12 glasses of water, and you will aslo urinate much, which is positive sign to loose callories and you will feel. smart. Good Luck.


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